30+ Totally Free Vintage Style Vectors For Designers

Whether you are a global advertising agency or a freelance graphic designer Vector graphics are available to make any project, big or small, come to life. Vector images have many advantages, not the least of which is the fact that there is no image distortion with Vector graphics. You can enlarge them to any size you want without worrying about the image quality, which never becomes blurry. This means that when designing a website you can scale down or enlarge the image you are working on. Your client will obviously use their corporate logo in different sizes and in different places and a Vector image will never lose its quality.

In today’s we have another great free collection for designers.Vintage vector graphics.Vintage or let’s say retro designs never lose their popularity and we always need some vector design components.
Here is the collection of free vintage/retro vectors for designers.

Vintage Floral Frame

vintage vector

Vector Resource


Vector Vintage Emblem

grunge vintage emblemVector Resource


Old Time Microphone

3.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Old Music Players

4.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Cassette Tape Vector

5.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Retro Phonograph Sound

6.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Pin Up Girl Vector

7.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Apple Macintosh 128k

8.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Shot shot Man Vector

9.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vintage Microphone

10.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Shoe Pop Art

11.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Calligraphy Ornament Vector Pack

12.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Ghetto Blaster

13.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vector Butterflies with Flowers

14.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vintage vector TV

15.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vintage Floral Vector Labels

16.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Antique Bicycle Vector Art

17.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Old Car Silhouettes

18.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


City Street Vector Art with Vintage Cars

19.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Coca-Cola Girl Vector

20.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vector Vintage Labels

21.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vector From Old Books

22.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vintage Card Vector Graphic

PrintVector Resource


Vintage Badge Vector Graphic

PrintVector Resource


Retro Invitation Card Vector Graphic

PrintVector Resource


Retro Car Card Vector Graphic

PrintVector Resource


6 TV Vectors

27.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Vector Pack: Uno

28.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource


Dirty VectorPack

29.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource



30.free-vintage-vector-elementsVector Resource