40 Free Abstract Vector Backgrounds

In design community abstract is being used as the combination of futuristic shapes and colors or lines.Shortly as Wiki says ”Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

Abstract art is especially very popular in print design but you can also see abstract backgrounds in websites too.

Today,we have a colorful collection of free abstract vector backgrounds.The collection contains 40 shiny abstract backgrounds to use freely in your design projects.

Abstract Background Vector

abstract background

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Cool Abstract Background

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Abstract Background Vector

3.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Colorful Background

4.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Hi-Tech Background

5.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Tree Vector

6.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Design Background Vector

7.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Color Vector Background

8.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Stock Vector

9.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Vector Background

10.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Vector Wave

11.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Background Vector Art

12.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Background Darkness

13.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Dark Style Shape Form

14.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Background Darkness

15.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Black Background

16.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Colorful Abstraction

17.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Tech Background

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Abstract Message

abstract_summerDownload Source


Abstract Mess

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Abstract Vector Layout

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Retro Design Vector Graphic

22.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Send Message Vector Graphic

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24.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source



25.abstract-vector-backgrounds Download Source


Abstract Background Vector Art

26.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Lighting Vector Background

27.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Design Background Vector Art

28.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Background Vector Abstract Futuristic

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Sunrise With Tress Abstract

30.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Abstract Glossy Background

31.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


City Vector Urban Landscape

towerDownload Source


Colorful Abstract Background Vector

abstract colorful backgroundDownload Source


Beautiful Life

34.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source


Colorful Abstract Background Vector

35.abstract-vector-backgroundsDownload Source