55 FREE Bokeh Textures For Designers

A texture is one of most essential design component for both web and graphic designers.Without spending too much time to create a background from scratch you can use an appropriate texture and with a few click you can totally change the look of your designs and make them more appealing.

Today we are showcasing free bokeh textures to add into your texture library.Bokeh is the fuzziness in the background of images and it is a term originally used in photography which gives depth with starry highlights.If you want to give a bokeh effect to your images the below brushes are ideal for you.

Here is the collection of free bokeh textures.

Xmas Bokeh


Texture Source


Free Bokeh Texture

50.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

bokeh textureTexture Source


Raining Light Bokeh Pack

2.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

49.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Firework Bokeh Stock

3.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture Pack

4.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

39.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack

regularjane.deviantart.comTexture Source


Grungy Bokeh Pack

rTexture Source


High Resolution Bokeh Texture

7.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Colorful Abstract Bokeh Background

36.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Collection

8.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Pack

9.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source

Bokeh Pack 2


Bokeh Pack

10.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

31.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Royale Bokeh

11.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Pack 3

12.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Digital Bokeh

30.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Pollywaffle Bokeh Textures

13.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Golden Bokeh

14.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Pink and Silver Bokeh Pack

15.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Pack

16.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Play

52.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Christmas Bokeh Stock Pack

17.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


City Stars Bokeh Texture

18.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Lensbabie Bokeh Stock

19.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Light Reflections

45.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Pack

20.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture Zip Pack

21.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Blue Bokeh Effect Texture

22.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Black and White Bokeh

23.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Grungy Abstract Bokeh Textures

42.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Colored Bokeh

24.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Chic Bokeh Texture Pack

25.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Red Bokeh

48.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

26.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh III

27.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source



28.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source



29.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

32.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh 1

33.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Raindrops Bokeh Texture

34.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Abstract Bokeh Background

35.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Abstract

37.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Christmas Bokeh Explosion

38.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Beautiful Bokeh

40.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Christmas Bokeh Textures

41.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

43.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Bokeh Texture

44.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Hot Pink Bokeh

46.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Turquoise Bokeh

51.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Rainbow Bokeh

53.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source



54.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source


Golden Bokeh

55.free-bokeh-texturesTexture Source