An Essential Collection Of Free Photoshop Scratch Brushes

All Photoshop users deal with Photoshop brushes because it one of the most time saving tool for designers.With a few click you can easily add realistic touches to your designs.

This is our weekly free Photoshop brush collection post.This time we bring together free scratch brushes for Photoshop users.Scratch is widely used design format especially in retro/vintage designs.So this collection will be very helpful for these kind of design projects.

Scratch Brushes

photoshop scratch brush

Brush Source


Scratch Texture Brushes

19.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source



2.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Grungy Scratches

3.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratch n’ Grunge Brushes

4.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratch Brushes

5.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratches Brush Set

6.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source



7.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source



8.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratch Brushes Set

9.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Grunge Scratches

10.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratch Brushes

11.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Heavy Scratches Brushes

12.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratches Brush Pack

13.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


11 Scratch Brushes

14.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Grunge Scratches

15.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source



16.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratch and Borders

17.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Homemade Scratches

18.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Vintage Scratch Brush Set

20.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratches and Dust Brushes

21.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source


Scratches and Rust

22.photoshop-scratch-brushesBrush Source