50+ Totally Free Flat UI Kits

As we all know,flat design is the latest trend in web design industry and almost all web design elements buttons,icons,navigation bars etc. are in flat style nowadays.So what is flat design?Flat web design refers to a design form that does away with busy-looking patterned textured backgrounds, drop shadows around lettering and boxed sections within a web site.It seems that flat design will continue to affect both web and mobile design industry.

Today he have gathered trendy flat UI kits for your web and mobile design projects.the collection consists of almost every web element for your flat style design.
Here is the best free collection of flat UI kits.

Flat UI Kit

free flat ui kit

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Flat Rounded Square UI Kit

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UI Template

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Flatex UI Kit Pro v1.0

4.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flatty UI Kit

5.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Avengers Flat UI Kit

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Free UI Kit

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UI Kit

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Free Minimal Ui Kit

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Orange/Cyan UI

10.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Free UI Kit

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Color UI Kit

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Flat UI Kit

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Dark UI Kit

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Eerste – Flat User Interface Kit

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Blog/Magazine Flat UI Kit

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Vertical Infinity – A Mega Flat Style UI Kit

17.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flat Design UI Components

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Flat UI Kit

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Flat UI Free v.2.1

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Flat UI Kit 2

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Freebie PSD: Flat UI Kit

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Free UI Kit

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Square UI Free

24.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flatic UI Kit

25.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flat UI Kit

26.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flat Ui Kit

27.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Ui Kit

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Artboard V3

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Flat UI Kit

30.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flatilicious User Interface

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Flat UI Kit

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Flat Web Elements

33.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


UI/UX Flat design – Free PSD

34.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Smooth Berry UI

35.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Flat Pixet

36.free-flat-ui-kitFull View | Source


Gems UI Kit

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Flat UI Kit

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Free Flat UI Kit

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Simple UI Kit with Flat Colors

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White Stripes UI Kit – Free PSD

free flat uiFull View | Source


Dark UI – Free UI Set

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