Free Collection Of Sponge Textures To Add into Your Texture Library

Here on TheDesignHill we love to share free design resources for designers almost everyday and today we have a great collection free sponge textures to use in your designs.You know textures are great time savers for designers and without creating from scratch you can easily apply the essential texture and get realistic results.You can use textures either in a part of your artwork or you can use as a whole background.

Anyway,here is the collection of free sponge textures to add in your texture library.the below textures are all free for personal use however please check license agreements for commercial use.

Blue Sponge

sponge textures

Texture Source


Sponge Texture

5.sponge-textureTexture Source


Wet Sponge

6.sponge-textureTexture Source


Dry Sponge

7.sponge-textureTexture Source


Pottery Sponge

8.sponge-textureTexture Source


Soft as Sponge

9.sponge-textureTexture Source



10.sponge-textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

11.sponge-textureTexture Source


Old Sponge

12.sponge-textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

13.sponge-textureTexture Source



14.sponge-textureTexture Source


Sponge Texture

2.sponge-textureTexture Source


Red Sponge

3.sponge-textureTexture Source


Blue Texture

4.sponge-textureTexture Source