Why You Should Focus on SEO in 2017


In today’s brave digital world, brands across the world are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get noticed as well as sell goods and services. Some of the benefits offered by SEO include; growth in online searches, high customer expectations, high web traffic, promise of high ROI and the need to compete effectively in the market. The importance of SEO is highlighted by the millions of people who perform online searches and the benefits it brings to a business. The phenomenal increase in the number of people performing online searches is attributed various factors, including the growing use of mobile devices. A smart investment in SEO can help companies reach out to all segments of the markets.

Customers also expect any business they trust to have an online presence. To effectively enhance your company’s online presence, you need to choose the best SEO practices that will make your business more responsive to the needs of your customers. The promise of high returns using SEO is also real because a good SEO strategy can help a business maintain traffic over the long term by guaranteeing sustainable results. The other benefit of investing in SEO is the fact that the competition is using it to increase sales and stay competitive. A website that incorporates SEO strategies will ultimately have a better traffic flow from search engines such Google since SEO uses powerful tools like keywords.

SEO is continually changing; for this reason, businesses and organizations that want to stay on top must invest in the right strategies. The change is driven by customer usage and expectations, new Google algorithms and growing use of online searches, considering over 90% of all online experiences begin with searches. There are several companies that are constantly pushing the needle in this regard, so it is important to thoroughly research the Sydney SEO Agency you intend on hiring..

Keyword research is an important component of the overall SEO strategy. Indeed, tools such as Google Analytics can be used to create a list of important keywords. Link building or off page optimization, on the other hand, is designed to help companies customize their link building campaigns. This is important because having quality backlinks is seen as a website validation. Links are also used by search engines to rank websites online. The other specialized service offered the agency is SEO copywriting, which is defined as the art of creating attractive content for search engines and site visitors. Looking into the future, there are several advanced SEO strategies that companies and SEO agencies also need to incorporate to stay at the top of the market.

The strategies include use of schema, taking advantage of changes in SERPs, co-opting mobile use and speed and incorporating hybridization. The changes brought about by Google and online users have seen the schema markup become a critical SEO factor. Schema is a tool designed to make it easy for search engines to identify and understand a site better whilst ensuing the site details are properly displayed. A schema also makes machine learning easy. This is crucial because machine learning now ranks as the third most important ranking factor by search engines. Google has made changes in the way SERPs is implemented by increasing the number of characters used in titles and Meta descriptions.

A business can get the most out of these changes by making use of the extra space available to increase the number of characters in Meta descriptions that have less than 100 characters. The other strategy is to use the keyword at the beginning of the title and Meta descriptions, especially in cases where there are restrictions on the character spacing. The introduction of the AMP project in 2015 by Google brought to fore the importance of speed and growing use of mobile devices. AMP was developed to amplify web access speeds because Google understands the importance of speed in the enhancing user experience. Since its introduction, Amp has improved the load speed by between 15% and 80%.

The growing use of mobile devices to access the net has also given credence to the importance of micro moments in the whole SEO strategy. Lastly, hybridization is the process of running hybrid campaigns. The need for hybridization has become more resolute, as online users become sophisticated and digital marketing demands grow. The strategy is designed to capture mobile users, who are increasingly accessing email messages online, users clicking on PPC advertisements and desktop users performing activities such as redeeming social media coupons. To come out on top, it is incumbent for professional marketers to effectively implement hybridization by encouraging staff training and development of collaborative projects.