Free HTML Template Andia: Responsive Agency/Portfolio Template built with Twitter Bootstrap

Published on: Dec 28 2012 by Anli

Andia: Responsive Agency/Portfolio Template

Today’s free web design resource is a big one! It’s a responsive agency/portfolio HTML template named Andia and built with Twitter Bootstrap. Andia comes with 5 fully responsive pages, Home, Portfolio, Services, About, Contact and it’s perfect for creating a website for a small business or a personal portfolio.

Some of Andia’s features include: responsive layout, responsive image slider, filterable portfolio, AJAX contact form, twitter feed, flickr photos, font awesome icons, google maps, etc. So, take a look at the live preview below, download the template and let me know what you think.


  • Responsive Layout (Bootstrap 2.2.1)
  • 5 Pages: Home, Portfolio, Services, About, Contact
  • Responsive Image Slider (Flexslider)
  • Filterable Portfolio (jQuery Quicksand and PrettyPhoto)
  • AJAX Contact Form with Form Validation
  • Twitter Feeds
  • Latest Flickr Photos
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Google Maps
  • Social Icons
  • HTML5 & CSS3

Demo, Download and License


DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE: Andia - Responsive Agency/Portfolio Template (59169)


You can use this template in personal and commercial projects, but you can’t sell or distribute it directly, “as is”. If you plan to use it, a link to this page or any form of spreading the word will be much appreciated.

Photos used in the live preview by:  Paul BicaShermeee, envato.

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101 Comments to “Free HTML Template Andia: Responsive Agency/Portfolio Template built with Twitter Bootstrap”

  1. Diego says:

    Anli, sadly i’m just about quitting on using this template because of the flaws in portfolio page that only appear in downloaded version. That’s not fair, please help, i promise i’ll give you credits on the final website but please!

  2. carleo says:

    Hey, on the portfolio i want to eliminate the ALL tab and for just one section to show, not all. Can you please let me know what i have to remove in order for all images not to show.


  3. Sascha says:

    like to use this design to build an free downloadable template with my own HTML/CSS for another CMS.
    Will i be allowed to do this if i link to this template as base for my work ?


  4. jean says:

    as removing the favicon? Explain to please
    every time you change me automatically changes

  5. Dan says:

    Hi great template!

    Would the portfolio page work the same with videos? And if so would this work with youtube embeds?


  6. Wayan Adika says:

    Thanks for the template
    is great bootstrap template

  7. jan says:

    can we remove this ?

    Copyright 2012 Andia – All rights reserved. Template by Azmind.

  8. Tina Clarke says:

    I have looked at a LOT of responsive designs and grids… currently I have not found a tutorial that explains exactly how to match up the grid with a design… how things proceed from that point. I tried dozens of responsive designs and NONE actually worked responsively in my android phone! OR the responsive DEMO .. either their version’s or the Firefox plugin responsive resize. Till this (and I also checked one of your other templates) design. When I learn I need an authority that I trust. So thank you for being that authority. I am going to use your template for my art site and also use it to understand and learn more about responsive design.. I find numbers very difficult its like being dyslexic but with numbers and to me responsive design seems to be all about numbers. I could just use a template and go on my merry way however where is the control in that? I could go use a WordPress theme if i wanted to lose control. I am not sure if you meant your site to be a learning authority but it has now become so:) Thanks once more. I only played a little … it was also very easy to play with the slider as well i only had to change the html. I always thought you had to have a program. Wish you had a list.

  9. snehal says:

    how to add sub menu in this templet?

  10. Very clean and tidy, i like it!! backward link guaranteed, thanks.

  11. Ferdinand Alexander says:

    I would love to use this theme. The code seems just fine but the problem I have is there are no drop down menus. If at least one menu item had a drop down I’d be styling. Dam! Good work though!

  12. Ferdinand Alexander says:

    Yes, please put out a version with a drop down, “sub menu”.
    That would be awesome.

  13. Gustavo says:

    How I can transform the logo image in a responsive image on this template?

  14. designer says:

    Congrats for your work! I have used it for a website but I have problems with the contact form.

    I have changed the email ( $emailTo = ) in “sendmail.php” but I don’t received any email when I probe it.

    Please cand you tell me if I have to change anything else? Thank you!

  15. Jens says:


    thanks for the great template.

    Can I delete “Copyright 2012 Andia – All rights reserved. Template by Azmind” and place a link to Azmind at the imprint?


    • Anli says:

      You’re welcome. Yes you can delete it.

      • Jens says:

        Thanks a lot!

        I read the comments and have the same problem described by other ones before. Maybe you have an idea?
        I tried a lot of things, but can’t find the problem.

        “In the portfolio page when I click Logo Design/ Web Design filters, the bottom part of the list items are clipped and overlapped by the footer. Can you please help.”


  16. Eric says:

    This template is really awesome!! thank yoU!

    I need help w/ something. The portfolio filter functions work great on desktop view, but when I view w/ my smartphone (LG G2) it seems to cut off projects and only display the first few in the category.

    Any tips on correcting this?


  17. Jens says:

    Hi Anli,

    one last question.

    Can you tell me where I can set a charset into the contact formular so I can use German Umlaute (mutated vowel) like ü (uuml;) ?


  18. putu swarya says:

    Awesome template, so minimalist and cool, and yet is free for personal. :D

  19. asap says:

    Hi Anli,

    How do I get Flickr photostream for my images in the footer.

    Tried to change in flickrfeedjs,and script.js but nothing working.

    Please help.

  20. Astro says:

    Hi Anli,

    How do I add submenu like dropdown menu on main menu? I’ve tried, but still not work.. please..

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