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Sunrise is a free theme for Silverstripe CMS designed and built by GPMD.

Download Sunrise SilverStripe theme v1.0.0

Sunrise is a responsive HTML5 theme (built on HTML5 Boilerplate and the 320andup Boilerplate Extension), designed to work on multiple devices. It's perfect out-of-the box, with a minimal but tasteful and modern design that works for any kind of use: business, charity, personal website, blog etc.

It's also great as a starter theme - take it and make it your own. With clean, organised code, developers will love it. And with the power of SilverStripe behind the scenes it can easily be extended to include all your favourite modules (it includes styling for the standard blog module), widgets and custom features.

Feel free to download it and customise it as much as you like. It's covered by the same BSD license as SilverStripe.

Sunrise is:

  • Beautiful (naturally)
  • Exclusive - you won’t see this theme anywhere else, it’s exclusive to SilverStripe
  • Neutral - suitable for any kind of business, organisation or personal website
  • Compatible - works with SilverStripe version 2.4 and the soon to be released version 3
  • Current - uses HTML5 and CSS3 (degrades gracefully on older browsers)
  • Accessible - clean and semantic code
  • Non-dependent - uses minimal Javascript
  • Responsive - looks good no matter what device it’s being viewed on

Download Sunrise SilverStripe theme v1.0.0

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